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Wheelchair lifts

Symmetry Elevating Solutions, we know accessibility is important. All of our lift products are designed to overcome architectural barriers and are A18.1 code-compliant. Models include UL (Unenclosed), SL (Shaftway), EL (Enclosure), and Hybrid. Indoors and outdoors, a Vertical Wheelchair Lift provides an accessibility solution in many types of buildings including schools, places of worship, stages, bleachers, public buildings and private residences.Learn more about Wheelchair Lifts.

Residential elevators

With more standard features than any other elevator available, the Symmetry Residential Elevator is the industry leader. A residential elevator should look and feel like a place of style, function and comfort. When you step into a Symmetry elevator, you’ll notice that it looks and feels like home – not an institutional lift or utility elevator. The stylish Symmetry cab is just as welcoming as the rest of the dwelling. To accommodate customers’ needs and building requirements Symmetry offers three drive systems to choose from; Roped Hydraulic, In-Line Gear Drive, Winding Drum. Learn more about Residential elevators.

limited use / limited application commercial elevators

The Symmetry Elevating Solutions LU/LA elevator, Elevation, is designed to meet the requirements of the ADA and provide access for low occupancy/low rise commercial buildings where a traditional passenger elevator is not feasible or required by code. The Elevation is ideal for applications up to six stops and 50 feet of travel. The Elevation is designed for use in schools and other educational settings, churches, multi-family housing units, libraries and more. Learn more about limited use / limited application commercial elevators.

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